Types of Canvas

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The term canvas serves as a generic term for any fabric that’s used as a support for painting. There are many types of fabric that is suitable for painting such as cotton duck, linen and watercolor. So, let’s learn about this fabric type.


Cotton Duck Canvas

Cotton duck canvas is the most common and the cheapest painting canvas. The cheapest cotton canvases are loosely woven and the fabric can easily distort when stretched if you are not careful. It comes in various weight (thicknesses) and weaves. You can fill the indentations in the weave with primer or gesso to create a smoother painting surface.


Linen Canvas

Linen canvas is a more expensive choice regarded as superior to cotton canvas because the threads are narrower (finer) and the weave tighter. Linen canvas that has not been primed is very obvious as it is a dull brown rather than white.  Once it has stretched and primed, linen canvas is less likely to stretch or shrink or threads move or distort.


Watercolor Canvas

This canvas is specially made for watercolor paint. For starters, the paint stays wet longer and you can abuse the surface more with a coarse brush.


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